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CampBX deposited my $1000 Money Order as $197, and are refusing to change it.

I sent a $1000.00 USPS Money Order to CampBX on Nov. 6th. The tracking info said it was delivered on Nov. 9th.
On Nov. 13, they deposited $197.00 into my account. Note that my M/O was for $1000.00, but only $197 was deposited. I have never held money in this account before, so I know that I'm not getting the transactions mixed up. The M/O deposit is the only transaction my CampBX account has seen.
I opened a help ticket on the 13th stating my problem, and they replied back and said that the money was deposited into my account, and closed the ticket.
I opened a new help ticket the next day. They asked that I attach a scan of the USPS M/O receipt, which I did. (It shows the M/O serial #, $ Amount, Date, and "To Payee").
Fast forward several days, and many "We are looking into the issue" responses. On the 20th, they replied back to me stating the following
"We will need to know if 1000$ was cashed by us. Please understand that we process multiple MOs per day. For us to look in to the matter we need documentation that it was cashed by us at our specific bank. Ask USPS and they will give you all the information on whereabout of your MO. Your issues is very important to us and in order to resolve we need proper documentation."
What does that even mean!? I'm sorry that your bookkeeping is so awful that you can't even keep track of M/O's you deposited, but that's not my fault!
I went to the Post office and the post master said about the only thing I could do is pay them ~$5 for a "tracker", which is essentially a front/back scan of the M/O. Maybe I can send this to CampBX to finally get my money?
This is my first transaction with CampBX, and I really feel defrauded. On the date (Nov. 13) that I should have received the proper deposit, I could have bought BTC ~$350. Today, it's around $800. I don't have to do the math for you to prove how badly I got fleeced...
*UPDATE: Nov 25: The full deposit amount has been posted to my account. Thank you for finally clearing up this issue. Now, my only question is could you take that full deposit amount and exchange it for the Bitcoins that I should have been able to purchase on the 13th? Your chart shows that the high on the 13th was $398.99. If you exchange my deposit for approximately 2.5BTC, then you have earned my trust as a customer and future business. Thank you.
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